TODO: Discuss running workers

Command-line runner#

usage: saq [-h] [--workers WORKERS] [--verbose] [--web]
           [--extra-web-settings EXTRA_WEB_SETTINGS] [--port PORT] [--check]

Start Simple Async Queue Worker

positional arguments:
  settings              Namespaced variable containing worker settings eg: eg

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --workers WORKERS     Number of worker processes
  --verbose, -v         Logging level: 0: ERROR, 1: INFO, 2: DEBUG
  --web                 Start web app. By default, this only monitors the
                        current worker's queue. To monitor multiple queues,
                        see '--extra-web-settings'
  --extra-web-settings EXTRA_WEB_SETTINGS, -e EXTRA_WEB_SETTINGS
                        Additional worker settings to monitor in the web app
  --port PORT           Web app port, defaults to 8080
  --check               Perform a health check
  --quiet, -q           Disable automatic logging configuration

environment variables:
  AUTH_USER            Basic auth user, defaults to admin
  AUTH_PASSWORD        Basic auth password, if not specified, no auth will be

The settings attribute should be a string to the fully-qualified name of the settings dictionary. For detail info on that please refer to Settings

Running workers#

saq examples.simple.settings --web

Auto-reloading during development#

If, during development you want to have your worker auto-reload, you can do so by using Watchdog:

pip install watchdog

And to use for a hypothetical project myproject:

watchmedo auto-restart -d myproject/ -R -- saq myproject.tasks.settings -v